“It’s not that they don’t get it. It’s that they’re resisting.”

The basic Kanban board

This is the basic Kanban board.

It’s a pull system. You populate everything that you can possibly think of (as of now) of what you or your team want to do in the Backlog. From the Backlog you pull items that you want to take care of in the near…


Addressing the “Always On” Fatigue of Remote and Hybrid Working with Asynchronous Communication


David Marquet’s “Blue & Red Work”

In his second…


The situation is volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, overwhelming (VUCA”O”). We have an immediate, mission critical challenge to tackle. We need team alignment, and as leader I am tempted to exercise strong command — I am thinking “Now’s not the time for democracy.” …



You want your people to share your vision and enthusiasm of pursuing a common goal, and you wish them to each own that purpose so that you don’t have to keep on telling…

Takeshi Yoshida

Tribe chief @agile-od.com — team coaching & change management experts

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