Conrad, thank you for the comment. Very relevant. Yes, I’ve been there, done that, and I totally hear you.

Jumping to the conclusion, actually, because Scrum is a time boxed project management approach, if applied well it helps meeting deadlines better. MUCH BETTER. The key is to understand currently why your team is fighting deadlines, and this is something to discuss and analyse together as a team, and if a persistent structural issue, with the stakeholders.

It could be your estimation is off — you only put into Sprints what you think you can finish, and if you couldn’t finish, you raise it in the Sprint Review and Retrospective and collectively find out why it happened and what to do to not make it happen in the next Sprint.

It could be that the job was too big, i.e. possibly an over commitment to the client by the stakeholders (business, management). If that’s the case it’s a matter of negotiation between the Product Owner and the Scrum Team during Sprint Planning, and in turn the Product Owner properly negotiating with the stakeholders.

If the root cause is stakeholder’s persistently asking for jobs too big and there is a disregard for the Scrum Team’s plea for breaking down the job into smaller pieces, then it’s an organizational issue. First, it happens when Agile is not an organization wide culture (i.e. it’s just the dev team doing Scrum), and second, I see it often happen when there is a disassociation between business goals and actual work flow. For the latter, this article should help:

These are all guesses and I could be reading your situation wrongly. If you would be interested to speak with me directly, please connect with me on LinkedIn so I have some background information on your work, and we can discuss from there.



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