Is Agile a Methodology?

Takeshi Yoshida
2 min readAug 31, 2023

Question: would you agree with me, along with many other agile practitioners, that agile* is not a methodology?

Indeed, agile does use methods and processes, but is itself a methodology?

The easy answer is that you can’t do agile in a step-by-step, prescriptive way. In the same token, agile makes use of processes and it is process driven, but it is itself not a process.

Agile is adaptive in nature. It’s a much wider notion than a methodology. Consider it more of an approach, framework, modality, mindset, a way, spirit, culture.


*Note: Here I use both capital “A” Agile and lower case “a” agile synonymously.

(This is an excerpt post from Coach Takeshi’s Agile 101 with edits.)

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