Jimi, thank you very much for the essential question and comment on actual success cases of Lean & Agile in large international organizations. I also enjoyed reading your original post “Can Lean and Agile work methods damage your business?” — I very liked the introvert-extrovert perspective that you introduced and I am being inspired by that thought. I am writing up a few new articles now due to be posted in the next few days. Let me take care of them first and thereafter I will write up and share my response to your questions and thoughts. I will also address your question on my take on Scaled Agile. Deliberating on questions like yours is such a joy — forgive me for the slow writing. Kind regards, Takeshi

Complexity Handling, Enabling Conversations - Behavioral Coach (ICF ACC), Agile Scrum (PSM II, PSPO), Lean, Design Thinking Trainer, Facilitator - agile-od.com

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