Thank you for your comment Olivier. I see that you are a deep Scrum practitioner and I’m glad to see comments from pros like you.

Yes you are right, I should make proper mentioning of setting a Sprint Goal an important part of the Sprint Planning session. I will reflect this in the next revision of this article, and when doing so I will also touch on the following as there is an element of negotiation between the Product Owner and the Scrum Team when doing this:

One of the key concepts in Scrum is that the team members decide themselves how they’re going to do the work. It’s management’s responsibility to set the strategic goals, but it’s the team’s job to decide how to reach those goals.

Sutherland, Jeff. Scrum (p. 50).

Just to clarify on your comment “ daily stand-up is not mention in the scrum guide”, actually, Daily Scrum and Daily Stand-up are the same thing:

This is the reason such as meeting is often called Daily Stand-up or Daily Scrum. It doesn’t really matter what you call it.

Sutherland, Jeff. Scrum: (p. 79).


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