The Hybrid Professional (ICF) + Agile Coach: Heavy in Demand, Short in Supply

This article is intended for professional behavioral coaches, typically ICF (International Coach Federation) certified executive, leadership, team, organizational coaches who are considering to become professional process coaches as well, and vice versa for professional process coaches, commonly Agile coaches, Design Thinking facilitators and Lean (Lean TQM and Lean Startup) practitioners, considering to become professional behavioral coaches simultaneously.

Why It Works: Behavioral Coaching + Process Coaching

Funny Things Happen in Organizations

Wanted: Organizational Learning Interventionists

Economics and Benefits of Becoming an ICF + Agile Coach

How to become an ICF + Agile Coach

Join the Tribe for the Joy of Learning

Chief Coach we are a tribe of ICF + Agile hybrid coaches for organizational change, agile & digital transformation, innovation program success

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