Why Design Thinking + Scrum Makes a lot of Sense

Takeshi Yoshida
7 min readApr 25, 2021

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Hi, I’m Coach Takeshi. As some of you may have already read from my 2018 viral article, I am a big fan of the hybrid practice of Design Thinking plus Agile Scrum. In this video I’d like to explain why.


In doing so, first, I’d like to take us back to remind ourselves why we do agile.

1911, Taylorism and the history changing success of the Ford Model T factory. Scientific Management all the way to Waterfall project management — they have for sure brought us the many miracles of modernity, and we should be thankful about that.

But the ills of the many dysfunctions and unhappiness we see in today’s world is brought from the…



Takeshi Yoshida

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